Welcome to…

Living In His Name Ministries is a group of individuals called to be in close relationship with God Almighty, living His Life out loud in wisdom, conduct, and character, in evidence of the presence of Jesus Christ in a world of declining values.

We are passionate and compassionate; having hearts to inspire the world around us to live restored, reconciled, and redeemed lives which will bring honor and glory to His great name. Living In His Name Ministries is a conversational fellowship living to fulfill Gods’ Word, not forsaking fellowship, encouraging one another in prayer, bringing home the lost, and building disciples.

Our path is Jesus Christ Himself, the Singing Light, the Brilliant Sky who rains upon us, the Radiant Gift who lives in us in Splendor, our Living Poem who lifts the corners of our mouth, and the Light who poured Himself in a cup to refresh thirsty hearts.

Taste and see the Lord is Good! Ah, more than good, He is God!

living in His name john 14:12