Even The Least

When God’s face is in our face, and His voice is in our voice, even the least attractive of our efforts can go around the world, touching lives everywhere.
You may not be a world leader, or a national leader, you may not be a local leader, or someone noteworthy even in your fellowship, but when the Lord is with you, the Holy Ghost impact on people changes hearts, even when our works look rough and are not our best.
By no means does that mean we produce slip-shod works believing God will take up our slack. For me, i want to be responsible with what God has given me, and do my best for His highest. But sometimes, we are completely unaware of how poor our efforts are until years later, after we’ve had experience and are well on our way to having a finely honed craft. We often look back at the music, video, or sermons and cringe at how immature, poorly spoken, or miserably crafted things were, but chin up my friend, when God’s face is in our face, His voice is in our voice, the height of mountains and depth of valleys can be leveled, because God is with us.

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