Windows: Somewhere More

i never knew that my eyes needed to be opened, until my eyes were opened.
i didn’t know i was searching, yet i was searching
i needed something but didn’t know what that something was
until i found the most unique someone who was more than a mere something.
i didn’t know i was nowhere until i was somewhere,
my eyes opened by the power of THE someone who is not just anyone.
Sure i thought i was here
and there
but it was really not where
i dreamed somewhere was,
until my windows were opened.
i thought they were open, truly the vision was only a dream.
When the Lord liberated my soul, i realized my windows had been shut,
with no light or fresh air entering, not even a crack for more to slip through.
i think i always knew there was more or else i wouldn’t have been looking for more,
it just wasn’t apparent what more meant.
The concept of more, from God’s perspective,
is likely different from ours, in light of the idea
that no eye has seen, nor ear heard,
not even has the heart of those who love Him even begun to imagine
what the Lord has prepared for us.

Unless the Lord unshutters the ports to our soul,
our windows,
no one’s windows
are enough for the soul gripping comprehension of His glory.
When God gives us more,
and His more takes us into the real somewhere,
into the beyond of the beyond,
only then do we grasp the magnitude of His testimony,
that it is genuine
by the vision,
at His disclosure,
we know positively what He speaks is true.
Jesus is the true true, for reals.

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